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Good Practices for Working with a Removals Company

Hiring a removals company is a smart decision made by those looking to relocate their possessions to a new building. This partnership makes the moving process much more streamlined and efficient, saving customers valuable time that can now be spent on tackling other moving day concerns. A full-service removals company is a valued resource that’s staffed with moving professionals, but that doesn’t mean that their customers don’t have a job to do, as well.

While your removals company will handle the heavy lifting and the physical labor of packing, transporting and unpacking your possessions, there are some things that you can do to make the process a bit simpler, even before the company sends its professionals over. While these things are not necessarily “mandatory,” they are good practices to implement if you want the day to go smoothly.

Label All Fragile Items

If you have packed any boxes yourself and any of them contain a fragile item, you need to let the removals company know about it. This is easily done by labeling relevant boxes with large print indicating the fragility of the item(s) inside. When the movers know what’s fragile and what isn’t, they will be able to better handle your possessions.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

It might seem like a great idea to pack a bunch of books or movies into a single, large box, but many removal experts wish you wouldn’t. These boxes become heavy very quickly and can bottom-out or cause physical strain when moved.

Empty Your Furniture

Any furniture with a storage capacity like a desk, hutch or dresser should be completely emptied out. This makes the item less heavy to lift and reduces the risk of damage caused to your items by the removal process.

Keep Your Valuables On-Hand

Any important cards with sensitive information, medications, valuables and cash currency should be kept on your person on moving day. You do not want these items misplaced, and removals companies don’t want to be wrongly blamed when/if they go missing.

Stay Present During Removal

Every now and then, the removals company might need to ask you a question about an item that needs to be moved. They cannot do this if they cannot find you, so make sure to stick around. If you need to leave the area for any reason, be sure to let them know where you’ve gone and how you can be reached if they need to inquire about anything.