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Tips For Hiring The Best Furniture Removals Company


If you are moving, it is obvious that you could want to cut off some costs and do the removals on your own but is it worth it. Doing this will only leave you exhausted, and you might not do it correctly. This way, it is vital to contact a furniture removals company and let them help you to arrange your things into the vehicle and into your new place when you get there. Nowadays, you will come across several furniture removal firms, and you need to know how to select the best one. Hiring a wrong one is a big mistake that you will end up regretting on, and it is better to take your time and analyse the options at hand thoroughly before landing on the best one for you. Read below and find out;

Plan Ahead 

Time is of the essence when moving and the best way to beat this is by planning ahead of the move. Give yourself plenty of time to check the options and put everything in order so that when the day comes, you will only have to deal with the unexpected occurrences. These companies have clients who hire them from time to time, and it is terrible to find a reliable one and notice that they are booked on your planned moving day. When this happens, you will require to settle on the bad ones, and it should not go down that way. Once you have your move set out, plan on everything and find a reliable removals partner long before the day. This way, you can brief them on how you want things to be done on that day so that any misunderstandings are cleared early.

Request An Estimate 

When looking at the companies in your area, you will notice that all of them charge differently for their services. You need to make sure that you get the best value for your money and ask for the estimates by different companies and make a comparison. Before you begin looking for companies, you must have set a budget that needs to be worked on, and this will help you to eliminate all the expensive companies and remain with ones that you can afford to hire. However, do not use the price as the principal selection factor as there is more to it than that. Normally, the price charged is related to the services at stake, but this is not always the case. Companies also have varying charging methods, and it may be a flat rate or a custom one based on the magnitude of the work to be done.

Get A Survey Done 

All the firms that gave you an estimate and are willing to help you with the furniture removals should conduct a survey and see the work to be done. It is easy to agree on a certain price with a firm only for them to realize that they will be forced to do more work and thus charge extra for that. When you are hiring a furniture removals company, you need to discuss the specifics such as packing and treatment of special pieces of furniture. It is also vital for you to meet them before the actual day so that they understand the moving task ahead and make any tweaks to their estimate long before the day. Access issues and need for specialist equipment are the other things that need to be considered on that day. When they come over for a survey, take this opportunity to get as much information as you can about them. Try to make them explain how they will handle the furniture removals task at hand so that you can raise any concerns or give them suggestions in case you decide to hire them.

Do Some Research 

You can easily choose a furniture removals company that looks good from the surface, but it always pays to do some background research and know more about them. The internet is a great resource to use, and you can learn a lot about an establishment just from the comfort of your home. First, go on their website and check out the information there. Look at the services they have in store but keep in mind that these will of little help to you since most of it will portray them in good light and try to lure you to hire them. If the site has a reviews section, go on and check what people have to say about them. However, the reviews section on most websites will be positive, and you should not rely on them fully. The best ones are found on the removal company reviews sites that invite people to make independent reviews.


Your pieces of furniture are valuable, and you would not want to lose them during the removal process. Check that the company in question has the correct vehicle insurance policies that will cover the items against damage and any other perils. When looking at the insurance, go into the specifics and ask about the specific cover in question. What does it cover? What are the compensation payments, for instance, do they provide a full replacement cost in case of loss or damage? In a nutshell, try and get all the details about the insurance cover so that you know the right procedures to follow in case of damage or loss. Do not work with a firm that is reluctant to show you their insurance details since this will be detrimental to you if anything goes wrong.

The list of important things to look out for when searching for a reliable furniture removals company has been presented. Other notable things to look out for are the payment options, availability of storage facilities and communication. All in all, you need to make sure that you are dealing with an entity that is qualified to carry out the task at hand diligently and at the correct price. Trust your guts and use the information you found on the internet to get the best removals partner for you.